Mobile Cardiac Telemetry

The Next Generation in Arrhythmia Detection and Analysis

Wireless external cardiac ambulatory telemetry.

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Key Benefits

  • Real-time ECG analysis performed on-board Monitor increases likelihood of documenting breakthrough auto-triggered events.
  • Patient-activated, auto-triggered, and trended ECG recordings actively sent wirelessly to Monitoring Center.
  • Records and stores every heart beat for up to 30- days of continuous monitoring; areas of interest retrievable on-demand and can be presented in full-disclosure for professional analysis.
  • LED status indicators for Monitoring, Battery, and Communication help patients use the monitor.
  • Recessed “RECORD” button prevents patient from accidentally recording.

Popular Topics

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Will you contact me if I have an arrhythmia? 

How much will this cost me, and when will I get billed? 

If I send the monitor back before my service is over will my bill be reduced? 

Where can I go to pay my bill? 

How can I get copies of my reports sent to me or another physician? 

Why am I getting a call to return my device when I already sent it back? 

I forgot to include something in my return, what should I do?  

How does the monitor activate? How do I start service? 

Does the monitor record events on its own? 

What position does each lead wire/ electrode go? 

If I have symptoms, how do I record them? Do I have to record symptoms? 

How do I shower while wearing the monitor? 

How often should I change the electrodes? 

What do I do if I experience a skin reaction to the electrodes? 

Where do I put the monitor when I'm wearing it? 

Do I have to change the battery? 

How often do I change the battery? 

How often should I charge the monitor? 

Why is the monitor making noise? 

How will I know when my service is over? 

When will my physician get my results? 

What does the Red X and Green Check Mark mean on the phone screen? 

Why do the lights on the monitor (sensor) mean? 

Why is the blue light flashing all the time? 

How far apart can I keep the two devices? 

How do I return this device? 

Where is return mailer to send this back? 

Why is UPS telling me there is a charge when I call for pick up? 

Technical Specifications

Specifications of the ECAT.