ER 920W
Event Monitoring

Next Generation Cardiac Event Monitor

The ER920W is an advanced wireless device that integrates cardiac arrhythmia monitoring and cell phone technologies in one unit. The ER920W is a digital loop recorder that enhances diagnostic yield with onboard arrhythmia detection algorithms for automatic detection, recording and automatic transmission of patient data files to a service center for immediate analysis and physician attention.

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Key Benefits

  • Diagnostic embedded algorithms that automatically capture asymptomatic events
    Atrial Fibrillation
    Cardiac Pause
  • Single device for patient convenience, comfort and ease of use. Patient does not need to carry a separate cell phone and be concerned about power to both the device and cell phone.
  • Powered by 1 AA Lithium Thionyl Battery Pack. No battery charger is required to power the cell phone.
  • No patient interaction to transmit data. Simple, easy to use improving patient compliance.
  • Transmission of data can be sent wirelessly or also transtelephonically as a backup if the patient is out of cellular network.
  • Allows for bidirectional data flow, so the physician can monitor the patient’s cardiac events and remotely program the device as required.
  • Cellular transmitter embedded in the ER920W uses a “Quad-Band” modem for maximum flexibility and is compatible with both GSM and GPRS cellular networks.

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Technical Specifications






Transtelephonic Transmission 

Wireless Transmission