Heartrak Smart AF
Event Monitoring

Cardiac Event Recorder with Atrial Fibrillation Auto-Capture

In addition to symptomatic events recorded by the patient, Heartrak Smart AF automatically records asymptomatic ECG data without patient involvement. Heartrak Smart AF uses accurate, embedded algorithms to detect and record episodes of Atrial Fibrillation, Bradycardia, and Tachycardia. The ECG data that Heartrak Smart AF provides can help physicians with early diagnosis and treatment of illusive arrhythmias.

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Key Benefits

  • 15 minutes of programmable ECG memory
  • Smart AF™ Algorithm
  • Brady/Tachy Algorithm
  • Auto capture on/off
  • Pacemaker channel
  • Auto-trigger indication mark on ECG
  • Time/Date stamp mark on ECG
  • Audible or silent operation
  • 14-day battery life (1 “AA”)

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