Extended Holter Monitoring

Extended Holter Monitor

ePatch continuously records and stores heartbeats that are analyzed by certified cardiac technicians at BioTel Heart. Clinical reports are made available to your healthcare professional at the end of service.

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Key Benefits

  • Simple to Start. Easy to Wear.
    • Small, lightweight sensor — easy to apply patch (< 1oz.)
    • Water-resistant — patients can wear in the shower
    • No battery changes by patients
  • Flexible Options
    • Download data at your practice/hospital for faster results or patients can mail back
    • Up to 14 days of continuous extended monitoring using a single channel
  • Accurate Findings
    • Clear, actionable, easy-to-interpret monitoring report
    • Report is uploaded and available 24/7/365 through the dedicated
    HIPAA-compliant website
    • From BioTel Heart, the leading cardiac monitoring company with a portfolio of cardiac monitoring devices, including mobile cardiac telemetry and wireless event

Technical Specifications

Device Specifications 




Measure & Weight 


Operating Conditions 

Storage Conditions